The fishing season of summer 2009 was at its peak, when several guys, who sell different items at the local open market, decided to go on a fishing vacation. Those were the guys, who are fond of not only fishing and river, but also of a good company and entertainment. I was invited to join them one August night. A bus was packed with everything necessary: boats, fishing ropes, fishing tackles, food, tents, sleeping bags. And off we went!

The place to fish was chosen: picturesque banks of Seversky Donets river, and while on the way, everybody was already picturing in their minds, how exactly they were going to fish, which tackle and baits they were going to use. Time flew quickly and there we were at the spot but it was pitch black outside! One of the guys, who also sells fireworks and cheap Chinese flashlights, happened to have taken a whole box of that stuff for entertaining. He took out a dozen of them and started lightening them and giving them to us to get some lights around. But it didn’t work the expected way… The flashlights wouldn’t start burning! One after another, Oleg (the name of the guy) would take the flashlight, try to put it on fire, and then with loud cursing kick it with his leg and send it as far as he could in the darkness, just to get his anger out. We were laughing, Oleg was telling us everything he thinks of Chinese products. Still, two of the dozen did light up and gave us bright blue light, that lit the whole area around us. Most of us stayed to set the tents and load out all our belongings, while the most inveterate fishermen went to provide us with some fish for traditional ukha (fish soup). You might think: Why would somebody want to stay and unpack, while there’s a big river full of catfish and pikes? I’ll tell you: Many did, because there was a whole case of… vodka bottles in the bus!

By three a.m. the ropes were in the water, the tents were set, the table held the rest of the provisions taken from home, and there were a couple of vodka bottles near the table… empty of course. The bonfire cracked peacefully from time to time, giving nice soft light and warmth. My brother and I were keeping an eye on the bells of the fishing lines. Suddenly, the talk of slightly drunk guys stopped abruptly and we heard somebody whispering: Look! Look! UFO! Aliens!... My first thought was: That’s it, somebody has got delirious from alcohol. My brother and I got slowly up and tried to think what’s better to do with the delirious others. Meanwhile I had a look in the direction, shown by the guys, and got struck numb. There was something abnormal going on in the water! Bright multicolored spheres were playing under the water. They would move along the whole width of the river, some of them quickly, other very slowly, some disappeared, other showed up sending some bright magnifying sparkles into the air. Everybody suddenly got sober and were quietly watching what would happen next. Then, like a cannon shot in the complete quiet of the night, we heard the bell of the fishing line ringing. What do we do? Shall we reel the line in? What if they consider it an unfriendly act? Who knows, what’s on the aliens mind?  But the instinct of the fisherman is obviously stronger than any fear and somebody grabbed the fishing rope. One of the lights on the water moved in our direction, but no other reaction of the UFO was noticed. The guy reeled in quickly and we saw the feeder coming out of the water, followed by … one of those Chinese flashlights hanging on the hook! Oleg threw them in the water, there they got electric contact, and pulled by the current they performed a magnificent light show for us! The burst of laughter, that followed, lasted for over 20 minutes and scared all the fish around for a long time. Oleg was the most disappointed one: We drank so much vodka, and because of THEM we are all sober now! Saying that, he went to the car for the rest of the vodka supply to change the situation.

Conclusion: I should patent a new way of fighting with alcoholism. Fishing that time was very successful any way. Next year we’ll go again to see the “UFO”.


Отзывов (2)

Отзывов (2) на «FISHING WITH UFO»

  1. Виктор и Игорь:

    Удачи увидеть НЛО!

  2. Точно нужно запатентовать метод борьбы с алкоголизмом :-D
    А то что НЛО можно увидеть на рыбалке это точно. Отец мне об этом рассказывал, сам видел три раза не понятные явления, правда не на рыбалке.

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